Celestial Bodies Services & Rates
New Rates as of July 1st, 2018

Classic "Spa Hour" (full body) Massage
50 Minute Massage Session - $

Classic Massage
40 Minute Massage Session - $60.00
60 Minute Massage Session - $
90 Minute Massage Session - $1

Deep Tissue Massage
60 Minute Massage Session - $
(Massage on one specific area, for example, a back only session.)

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
40 Minute Massage Session - $

Hot Stone Massage
add Hot Stones to any classic session for an additional $30.00
Six (6)  Hot Stones applied to the back or requested area.

ALL Bodywork and Massage Session are NON-SEXUAL!

Types and Styles of Bodywork

"Swedish Massage" is the traditional western style massage performed with lotion or cream applied directly on to the skin.
Includes all depths of pressure, light to "deep tissue" techniques.  Great for stress reduction or specific
injury rehabilitation.

"Shiatsu Massage" is an Eastern style of bodywork using direct downward pressure (accupressure) and stretches to
activate the meridian system.  No lotion or cream are used. This massage style is performed through loose
comfortable clothing. This is a more "invigorating" style of massage.

"CranioSacral Therapy" is a gentle, non-intrusive modality that promotes deep relaxation by manipulating the
cerebral spinal fluid. Deeply relaxing and calming, this may be combined with Swedish sessions.